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  1. Christa & her friends walking Coco in the Dogger stroller. Christa's mom brought Coco to college that day.
    Coco had a great time visiting all Christa's friends. She has asthma so the stroller is a great help.  She is able to walk until she needs a break and then we put her in the stroller. This allows her to have a lot of freedom. She is still able to view everything around her and greet her dog friends and human friends.

    Watch Christa & her friends on YouTube: Click here. The video shows the many advantages of having a Dogger Stroller. Christa demonstrates how the Dogger is folded. 
  2. Travelling with a pet can be difficult at times if you do not have the proper carrier for them.  Pet carriers are a must when travelling in a car as it not only provides for a safe road trip but it also prevents injury to your pet while travelling in your vehicle.  The last thing you want is your dog to be sitting in your lap or running around your vehicle while you are driving on the highway.  Not only is this unsafe, it’s against the law. 

    Best Pet Kennels are the pet travelling experts when it comes to safely confining your pet for a safe family trip.  Best Pet Kennels prides itself with a variety of dog and cat crates that are offered in either cloth foldable, for small dogs, for easy storage after use or foldable colorful metal crates that can also be used at home as well as in your vehicle.
    When using the foldable metal crates, make sure your dog or puppy is comfortable during the trip.  Best Pet Kennels also offers pet cushions that fit inside the travelling crate.  Once you reach your destination, just remove the pet cushion and place it in your room for your pet to sleep on.  We carry a variety of specialty cushions for both small and large breed dogs such as orthopedic beds for your older dog to help relieve arthritis discomfort, dog mattresses, regular pet cushions. 
    If you are travelling with your cat, Best Pet Kennels has that covered for you as well with comfortable cat and kitten carriers.  Our cat and kitten carriers are made of durable heavy ‘cat proof’ plastic.  Once you hear the door click you can be assured your cat can not escape. 
    BestPetKennels.com caters to both young and older dogs and cats.  Most dogs, when they get older, have a hard time jumping either onto your bed, couch and even into the back of the car.  Give your older dog some help in navigation with our dog ramps and pet steps.  With easy to manage pet steps and our no slip ramps, your dog will be able to get on the bed or into the back of the car with ease and without injury. 
    Our pet ramps come in a variety of sizes and are either metal telescopic ramp for the right angle for your pet to get into the back of a truck or SUV or they come in durable plastic and wooden no slip steps just tall enough to reach the bed.  We even have colorful and fun covers for the smaller dog steps as well as classic stained wooden dog steps covered in no slip fabric.
    Best Pet Kennels is your one stop shop for any of your pet needs when travelling or staying at home.  When you are in need of a travelling crate that is just the right size for your dog or cat, orthopedic mattresses to aid your older pet with arthritis, we have comfortable bet beds for all sizes of dogs and cats. 
    By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a large selection of pet products to choose from for your pet traveling needs. 

    © Maryann Piccini 2013
  3. The loss of someone that you love, or care for deeply is a very painful experience.  Many people are able to relate to the death of a person, but few are able to understand the pain associated with losing a pet.  After the death of a pet, it is normal to experience feelings of sadness and depression.  For some, this feeling remains with them for years after the death of a pet.  Everyone grieves differently, and it is a highly personal experience.  While there is no wrong or right way to grieve, there are ways to help ease the pain.  One way to help with the pain is to commemorate your pet.  By honoring your pet's life you can help ensure that its memory lives on.
    Similar to the death of a human, a pet's life should be cherished and remembered.  Holding a memorial ceremony, or funeral is a good way to help loved ones and family members come to terms with the loss of a pet.  Young children can also help by making photo collages of their favorite memories with their pet.  If you choose to bury your pet at home, encourage visitors to place a treat, toy or other special objects to be buried with your pet. You might want to consider including a pet memorial or headstone for your pet regardless if you plan to bury them at home or in a pet cemeteryPet monuments and granite pet markers are custom made.  Black granite is a respectful and sophisticated material of choice for monuments and headstones.  Black granite is dark in color, and are polished to a mirror-like finish.  The engraving on black granite appears white, which stands out against the dark background.  Pet monuments as well as head markers can easily be engraved to include your pet's name, an uplifting message to remember your pet, and also their picture.

    If burial is not an option or against city bylaws, cremation offers pet owners another option.  Decorative urns can be used to store your pet's ashes.  Urns can be made out of almost any material.  A popular choice for pet owners is the wood pet urnWooden pet urns can be ordered to your specifications to store ashes for all different size pets.  Urns come in different wood finishes and grains, and many can have your pet's picture laser-etched onto its side.  A memory box and urn filled with your pet's photo, favorite toys, and even clippings of its fur is a tasteful way to preserve the memory of your pet.  Another type of urn is the cremation marker that is made of granite.  The base is hollowed out to the hold ashes of your beloved pet.
    If you find it too painful to keep your pet's ashes at home, another alternative would be to scatter its ashes in a garden or window box, and then plant flowers in the soil.  This way, your pet will symbolically help provide the foundation for new life.  You can place a cremation marker or other memorial keepsake in the garden to remember your pet.
    By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a large selection of our Pet Memorials that will help ease the pain of the loss of your pet

    © Maryann Piccini 2013
  4. Cats require basic needs in life: food, water and shelter. How we interact with our cat can be a factor in how they will behave. That’s why it’s always important to provide your furry friend with top of the line accessories. Having perches, scratching boards, & toys will keep them happy. It will also occupy their curiosity and time. Visit: Cat Perches and PlayWe have searched high and low, just like our kitties, and have come up with the Top 5 Most Accessories for Cats.
    1. Cat Tree Condos provide multiple functions for cats. A variety of Cat Trees with and without Condos featured on Best Pet Kennels is composed of recycled rope paper. They provide a platform, which is great for relaxing and grooming.  Some of them also have a castle on the top of the tree so they can overlook the entire room. The Cat Castles and Perches with and without a Condo are perfect when positioned against a window so your little one can see outside at birds, trees, insects, and the other wonders of life!
    2. Coming in at number two is The Kitty Sill™. This unique accessory is just what are sounds like it is: a windowsill specifically made for kitties. The Kitty Sill is perfect for curious cats as they can gaze outside and make sure they don’t miss a thing! It also includes an orthopedic sleeping surface, washable cover, and one-year warranty. The accessory features Velcro fasteners, so there are no tools needed and the installation process is easy.

    3. Cat Fun Tunnels are also something to look into if your cat likes to play hide and seek. It’s a perfect place for cats to take a quick nap or hide while they’re playing with their human or pet companions.

    4. Cat scratching platforms are also one of the most unique accessories. They provide multiple functions in that they can be used for cats to scratch, instead of messing up your furniture! They also feature platforms that cats can take a quick snooze on or simply use to look out the window again! 
    5. Lastly, are you looking for an accessory for multiple cats? Best Pet Kennels offers the Double Seat Feline Furniture Perch. This stylish accessory features solid wood construction and is easy to build, with build in hidden fasteners. It has large seating areas (20” x 13”). This means the perch can even accommodate different size cats!
    Remember that cats are curious pets.  They will always find something to do.  This is why it is important to provide them with fun products that will occupy their time and playfulness. By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a large selection of cat products to choose from. 

    © Maryann Piccini 2012
  5. Steel crates are great for puppy training and keeping your pet secure in while you are away from home for a period of time. This also keeps them out of trouble and doing any damage to your home.  It is good to use a crate because most puppies don't like to soil their den. Even afterpuppies are crate trained, they still use their crate as a place to sleep, to feel comfortable and safe or just get away from humans.  

    Remember to think about what the size of your dog will be as an adult.
    You will need to purchase a crate that is large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. The best way to train your puppy is to maintain a schedule for them.  You should keep a schedule similar to yours, like, when you have breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You should take them out often.  It is best not to leave a bowl of water out at all times since it will be hard to keep track of when they are drinking.  Always praise your puppy when they go in the designated area. Refrain from punishing or yelling at them if they have an accident. If you can catch them in the act, just simply scoop them up while they are in the act and carry them outside to their place. Remember, when you are teaching anyone it is best to remain patient and consistent.

    The Travel-Lite Steel Crate is one of the many crates available at Best Pet Kennels for crate training.  It has integrated wheels with a pull handle for ease when moving from room to room and in the car.  It has a unique blow molded plastic base.  In case of puppy accidents they are easy to clean. This allows your pet to be protected from a cold damp floor. Placing your pet in a crate when traveling to and from the vet or when going on vacation, is safe for your pet and you.  Recently, some states have passed a law requiring pets to be restrained or contained in the vehicle. Some crates fold easy for storage like the Travel-Lite Steel Crate. Some other steel crates that also collaspe are the Deco Crate and Fold-Down Crates. The Other Door Steel Crate  features heavy duty blow-mold plastic with steel inserts.  They have built-in wheels and a handle for ease when moving it. Whatever crate you choose for your pet, you are sure to find a variety of steel crates as well as wooden crates at Best Pet Kennels.

    © Maryann Piccini 2012
  6. As dogs and cat age, they suffer from many of the same illnesses and conditions as humans do. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in pet accessories that will make your pet’s aging process as comfortable as possible.

    It is difficult to predict how or when a dog or cat will show signs of aging as there are many factors to take into consideration. A few important factors include the breed of the dog or cat followed by size and genetic makeup. As soon as you see a difference in their behavior or see them having difficulty with activities such walking or climbing stairs, you should consider pet accessories to make them more comfortable.

    Arthritis and Joint Pain:

    As pets get older they are susceptible to conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint pain. There are two types of pet beds manufactured specifically for joint pain: a memory foam bed and an orthopedic foam bed. Ortho Bliss, a memory foam bed, is one option for dogs whose mobility is impaired due to joint problems. A memory foam dog and cat bed is ideal as it molds to the animal’s body heat and weight relieving pressure points and improving circulation. A memory foam bed is not the same as an egg crate bed.
    Another type of bed
     for older dogs and cats are orthopedic foam beds.  Often manufactured with a cushion-like material they, too, can provide relief to a pet’s painful joints. The memory foam and orthopedic foam beds should be pre-treated to repel odors, bacteria and insects. Ideally, the pet bed that you choose will feature a pillow zipper out for ease with washing, are eco-friendly and machine washable. 

    If you have a senior dog or cat that is not experiencing arthritis or joint pain, or have a smaller pet, there is a wide selection of bumper dog beds, bolster beds, or donut dog beds  and an assortment of cat beds designed with comfort in mind.   

    Other Accessories for Mobility:

    Some dogs have difficulty climbing steps or jumping into a truck or van as their only symptom of aging. Pet ramps or pet steps provide a flat surface angled for ease of ascending to a higher location. A selection of pet ramps or pet steps come in a variety of sizes and lengths that are sturdy enough to hold larger dogs without bending. They can easily be used to help your dog get into a truck or onto furniture without having to maneuver to a higher level. Many pet ramps comes with carrying handles for ease of transporting them from one location to another and most have a safety release available.

    Pet strollers: 

    For those who want the company of their older pet along side of them while jogging, hiking or walking a pet stroller can provide the opportunity to continue with your cardio routine and still have your pet be part of the event. Most pet strollers accommodate one or two pets at the same time, are sturdy, waterproof, safe and fold up for easy storage.

    Couch covers

    Older pets experience problems with frequent urination, leaky bladders or incontinence. This can especially be a problem if dogs are allowed on the furniture or sneak on the furniture while you are at work. A line of pet couch covers protect furniture from pet leaks, shedding hair and stains from the oil in their fur.

    By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a wide selection of products that will accommodate your older pet.  The variety of pet products like their pet beds, strollers, steps, ramps and couch covers will help you in making the changes that he/she is going through more comfortable and headache free.

    © Maryann Piccini 2012

  7. If you are planning to go on vacation and you have decided to bring your beloved cat with you there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind before you go on this venture.

    It is essential that you make the proper preparations before you go on vacation to make it much easier. Ensure that you get all the necessary equipment (cat bed, cat carrier, kitty litter box) as well as the correct portions of water and food for the trip. Also ensure that is you are going to be camping or staying in a hotel that you make the necessary arrangements beforehand. You have to first find out if they accommodate pets and if they are allowed on the campsites or in the rooms. If you are going to be staying with family or friends ensure your pet gets along with any pets they may have.

    Another essential consideration is the type of cat carrier that you will use. Often when cats are in a new environment they tend to be a bit on edge and can even be a bit aggressive. If they have an area that they can retreat to they will be much more comfortable in the long run. You can put a blanket or towel from home in the carrier to make the space more comfortable and carry their favorite cat bed for them to use when you get to your destination. Of course one thing that you must not forget is that you must check that all your cats’ vaccinations are up to date and that they are wearing the appropriate tags bearing their name and owner contact number in the event that they stray.

    If you are going to be flying with your pet ensure that the flight is not a long one. Opt for a nonstop flight if you can as that is less stressful on the animal. Also ensure that the travel crate or cat carrier has just enough room so that they are able to lie down and turn around. Just in case they have an accident, cover the bottom of the crate with a pee pad, newspaper or put a towel in it. If possible let them fly on an empty stomach. Also ensure that the crate is labeled properly for identification purposes.

    If you are driving to your location bear in mind that cats can get car sick so do some test drives before you go on the long trip just to see how they fare.  Carry them in the crate or cat carrier that you would be using for the trip so that they can get used to it and be totally comfortable by the time you ready to go. Other things that you will need for the vacation with you and your pet are disposable kitty litter box and a cat first aid kit.

    Whatever you do this summer, having the necessary tools for your traveling with your cat, will ensure you and your family have an enjoyable and safe vacation.

    © Maryann Piccini 2012

  8. It could bedangerous allowing your cat outside on Independence Day.  Your cat could inadvertently get hurt by the fireworks.  It is best to bring your cat inside a couple of days before the holiday.  Try to keep them in the house for a couple of days after the Fourth, also.  The Fourth lasts for a few days and people may be still letting fireworks go off.  Since fireworks are unpredictable, they could go off anywhere: up in the air or in the street.  Your cat could be up in a tree or just crossing the street.  This could put them in danger.  For safety's sake, your cat will only be inside for just a short period of time.  Have plenty of things for your cat to do, like, having a cat climbing tree or a sisal to scratch and some toys.  Be attentative to them.  Some people have a kitty sill so your feline can keep an eye out for things going on inside as well as outside.  They are very curious.  Of course, have a litter box that you keep fresh and clean for you favorite feline.  Enjoy the Fourth safely with you cat!

  9. There are many inventions that give us a lot of comfort. But there are very few inventions that not just increase our comfort levels, but they are also those simple ideas that make our lives much easier. These are very simple ideas that are presented well to the consumer. If you are looking out for examples of those ideas, one of the most visible one and the useful ones could be the couch covers- like the ones seen HERE If you are a pet lover and if you have a shedding pet at home, then it is necessary that you have pet crates at home. One of the costliest pieces of furniture at your place could be the couch. You would get the best couch always that is really comfortable, for just after you come back from work, you would want to retire into the comfort of your couch. 

    But imagine that when you return back every single time, so tired, you find the couch is full of hair that your pet has shed. How would that be? Only after you have cleaned that up, you could happily sit on that couch. When you are at home, you could command your trained dog to keep away from the couch. But that is also an animal, just like kids in fact, that the moment you are out of sight, it goes and curls up nice and warm on the most comfortable couch. So you cannot avoid it sitting or shedding on the couch, no matter how much ever you try. But a very simple thing to do is to buy Couch Covers and drape them over the couch nicely. When you come back, all that you must do is to remove the couch covers and then discover your untouched sofa or couch under that. So that is how you could make both you and your pets at home happy and create a win-win atmosphere.  


    © Maryann Piccini 2012

  10. Pets are being pampered by their owners to the tune of $50.96 billion a year including everything from food, toys and other pet products such as pet beds. One of the pet beds currently available to pet owners is orthopedic memory foam model. Originally designed by NASA for use in space by astronauts, memory foam is highly regarded as being of premium quality since it relieves pressure from certain areas of the body and returns to its original shape when left on its own.

    Reason #1: Memory foam pet bed to comfort for an aging or ill pet

    Pet owners often think of aging pets or pets with physical limitations such as arthritis or hip dysplasia as benefiting from sleeping on a memory foam pet bed because the memory foam conforms to their body. If your goal is to minimize or reduce your pet’s discomfort consider investing in a pet bed that provides comfort such as an orthopedic memory foam pet bed. The difference in cost between a pillow-type pet bed found at most big box stores and orthopedic memory foam pet bed is well worth the time and investment. 

    Go To the Article on Five Reasons to Invest in a Comfortable Pet Bed


    © Maryann Piccini 2012

  11.   "Summer" may not officially be here but it has gotten warmer out.
     Remember to always have plenty of clean fresh water for your pets. When you leave them for the day, they should be in a cool area and have a bowl of water. 
  12. We have a goal to reach 50 "Likes" by June 30th.  We will have a 10% off of our products that day!  Please visit us.
  13. If you like handcrafted products, we've just added one to our website.  We now carry a Handcrafted Wooden Dog Crate that can be used for your Entertainment Center.  You can store all those t.v. controls and media items in the convenient drawer.
     Each crate will be personally handcrafted by the Amish in Lancanster, PA. They look beautiful.  It is a piece of furniture that you can put in any room to coordinate with your living room furniture or other room in your home.  There are many shades of wood to choose from for your wooden dog crate.  You may choose one with a drawer or without.  They come in two sizes for medium size pets as well as larger pets.

  14. A dog in the family can certainly help your children develop a sense of responsibility from an early age. It has been shown that children raised with animals are generally more sociable with people that have animals. They also tend to develop better communication skills and are less likely to develop allergies to animal hair. But sometimes children appear a little too enthusiastic in their relationship with a pet. Education and supervision of the child are needed, especially at a young age.

    Newborns - According to its genetic heritage, personality and experience, each dog will have a different reaction with the newborn. To avoid any incident, ensure that the dog’s bed be far from the baby's room.  When the child starts to walk, your dog will eat, rest and sleep in a secure area that you can close off with a baby gate. A niche inside (or credit) is an ideal den for a dog. Try to install it before the baby arrives so that your pet can get used to it. When the dog is in its den, it will have a haven of peace and you will know that your child can walk safely about. The arrival of a baby can affect the odor of your dog's territory and result in possible disturbances of mood. Some dogs sulk, others become agitated.  They’re trying to attract the attention of the older members of the family.  More attention will help the dog to associate the presence of the baby with good things! If the appearance of a baby worries you, try not to hug or comfort the dog, since it only reinforces his anxiety.  Instead, wait until he relaxes.  Then you may start playing with him and cuddle with him in another room.  But many dogs naturally play the role of nurse with a new baby.  Gradually, as the child grows, they become useful protectors and playmates with the child. Make sure that pieces of food do not fall off the high chair because they could easily become a source of food for your dog!

    Teach young children to treat the dog respectfully.  There some very important rules that parents should follow. Parents should teach their children how to gently stroke their pet; and teach the dog to respond to the instructions of the child in exchange for rewards.  Teach children that the best place to pat the dog is on top of the head and along the back.  Teach children not to pull the tail of a dog.  The dog must always be left alone when he eats, sleeps or is in her dress.  Children should wash their hands after petting the dog.

    What are the benefits of a relationship between children and dogs?  Beyond the physiological benefits brought by the pet, it reveals some interesting results over the psychological ones.  Some studies have shown the positive effects of an animal not only on the physical activity -- including walking them -- but also the psychological welfare of dog owners. Thus, the animal could contribute notably to reduce daily stress.

    During hospitalization and convalescence, it is recognized that the linking of pets with patients is beneficial because it compensates for the lack of human contact. This relationship helps to fight against the depersonalization of the individual related to the atmosphere of being in this type of institution.
    Similarly in the elderly, the animal is acts like real company. It fills an emotional need.  It maintains the identity of the elderly person and conveys a sense of confidence and security. The animal acts as a secure, accountable, maintains balance, avoiding inactivity and reduces feelings of loneliness.

    Several studies and conferences have been conducted in children and troubled teens. This is especially true in children with autism, who have changed their social behavior not only with the animal, but also with their surroundings.

    Professor Hubert Montagner, who is a relations specialist with children and animal life.  He stresses that bringing out or making functional core competencies that enables the child to continue its successful life skills.

    According to Hubert Montagner, the animal used in school would allow the autistic child, mute or self-centered, out of its isolation and to express his true personality.  Furthermore, it would channel aggression.  Affiliative behaviors have emerged, and has eventually helped in socializing-with educators.  Finally, the animal would better structure the awkward gestures of children and those experiencing difficulties in coordination.  An example of this is the recent experience in the United States during in which children with autism or mental disabilities have made significant behavioral progress when in contact with tame dolphins.  It is a perfect illustration and opens new therapeutic perspectives for man.

    Hubert Montagner wrote: 

    "Who has not seen children deemed unstable, hyperactive (who "do not take up"), unable to focus their attention, become more stable in their behavior and attention, less turbulent or "erratic", since their gaze found itself caught by the "spectacle" of animal life? By focusing on a cat playing with a cap, a dog bringing the stick that he launched, a hamster that puts food in reserve in his jowls, etc.., the look is organized. Both mobile and supported, it allows children to capture extensive information, give them  meaning and organize information and consistent questions. L 'unstable, hyperactive, one that did not seem to be able to fix his attention, show and prove on this occasion, they are able to develop capabilities, visual attention.  Whereas, usually, their eyes scanning the table or the book without stopping, or it is fleeting (which does not allow them to capture, and thus deal with the information essential to the construction of knowledge and learning), and structure themselves as individuals arranging attentive responses adapted to the information they receive from the animal. "

    Sociologists and specialists in communication and education found that there are major virtues to having an animal.  Thus, one of the essential contributions of owning a pet is its ability to facilitate contacts and interactions, not only with friends but also with strangers.
    Animals are primarily a vehicle for communication.  Among adults, this function is exercised particularly during the promenade of the animal. Moreover, children recognize that owning animals helps them make friends. The companion animal appears as a substitute for emotional support, a motivator and games.  Finally, within the family, the animal plays a wide variety of roles.  Addition to providing a vehicle for communication, the pet is a driving force of socialization and social integration.  The role of the animal in adolescents has been studied extensively, especially in rehabilitation centers.

    Several experiments in adolescents in the Paris suburbs led to the following result:

    - The animal facilitates maturation in psychomotor development in the adolescents. It channels and contains aggression, stabilizes, empowers, organizes time, connects with nature, reflects and enhances the image of its owner. It also helps the adolescent manage time.

    - The animal restores or creates a family atmosphere and interprofessional relations.  It stimulates the relationship with parents, relieves tension and conflict, and is the bearer of messages.

    - The animal can help to prevent withdrawal and depression. It gives a sense of purpose to something or someone; can avoid the fear of others, crowd and solitude. The pet can be loved while providing the family with companionship and company.

    - Finally, the presence of pets in the prison system seems to undoubtedly improve the internal climate of these institutions, both on the side of the prisoners and the staff.

    © Maryann Piccini 2012
  15. Best Pet Kennels' employees are going to walk at the MS Walk 2012 starting at Moorestown H.S.
  16. We donated pet toys and treats to the Burlington County Animal Shelter.
  17. See our new addition: the Buttercup Bed.  It comes in a variety of fabrics: Berber, Eco-friendly, Microvelvet and Microvelvet/Teddy.  There's a pull-string to adjust the opening so your pet can enjoy being cozy! Kittens, cats, puppies and small dogs love to snuggle in the Buttercup Pet Bed. 



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