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  1. Travelling with a pet can be difficult at times if you do not have the proper carrier for them.  Pet carriers are a must when travelling in a car as it not only provides for a safe road trip but it also prevents injury to your pet while travelling in your vehicle.  The last thing you want is your dog to be sitting in your lap or running around your vehicle while you are driving on the highway.  Not only is this unsafe, it’s against the law. 

    Best Pet Kennels are the pet travelling experts when it comes to safely confining your pet for a safe family trip.  Best Pet Kennels prides itself with a variety of dog and cat crates that are offered in either cloth foldable, for small dogs, for easy storage after use or foldable colorful metal crates that can also be used at home as well as in your vehicle.
    When using the foldable metal crates, make sure your dog or puppy is comfortable during the trip.  Best Pet Kennels also offers pet cushions that fit inside the travelling crate.  Once you reach your destination, just remove the pet cushion and place it in your room for your pet to sleep on.  We carry a variety of specialty cushions for both small and large breed dogs such as orthopedic beds for your older dog to help relieve arthritis discomfort, dog mattresses, regular pet cushions. 
    If you are travelling with your cat, Best Pet Kennels has that covered for you as well with comfortable cat and kitten carriers.  Our cat and kitten carriers are made of durable heavy ‘cat proof’ plastic.  Once you hear the door click you can be assured your cat can not escape. 
    BestPetKennels.com caters to both young and older dogs and cats.  Most dogs, when they get older, have a hard time jumping either onto your bed, couch and even into the back of the car.  Give your older dog some help in navigation with our dog ramps and pet steps.  With easy to manage pet steps and our no slip ramps, your dog will be able to get on the bed or into the back of the car with ease and without injury. 
    Our pet ramps come in a variety of sizes and are either metal telescopic ramp for the right angle for your pet to get into the back of a truck or SUV or they come in durable plastic and wooden no slip steps just tall enough to reach the bed.  We even have colorful and fun covers for the smaller dog steps as well as classic stained wooden dog steps covered in no slip fabric.
    Best Pet Kennels is your one stop shop for any of your pet needs when travelling or staying at home.  When you are in need of a travelling crate that is just the right size for your dog or cat, orthopedic mattresses to aid your older pet with arthritis, we have comfortable bet beds for all sizes of dogs and cats. 
    By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a large selection of pet products to choose from for your pet traveling needs. 

    © Maryann Piccini 2013
  2. The loss of someone that you love, or care for deeply is a very painful experience.  Many people are able to relate to the death of a person, but few are able to understand the pain associated with losing a pet.  After the death of a pet, it is normal to experience feelings of sadness and depression.  For some, this feeling remains with them for years after the death of a pet.  Everyone grieves differently, and it is a highly personal experience.  While there is no wrong or right way to grieve, there are ways to help ease the pain.  One way to help with the pain is to commemorate your pet.  By honoring your pet's life you can help ensure that its memory lives on.
    Similar to the death of a human, a pet's life should be cherished and remembered.  Holding a memorial ceremony, or funeral is a good way to help loved ones and family members come to terms with the loss of a pet.  Young children can also help by making photo collages of their favorite memories with their pet.  If you choose to bury your pet at home, encourage visitors to place a treat, toy or other special objects to be buried with your pet. You might want to consider including a pet memorial or headstone for your pet regardless if you plan to bury them at home or in a pet cemeteryPet monuments and granite pet markers are custom made.  Black granite is a respectful and sophisticated material of choice for monuments and headstones.  Black granite is dark in color, and are polished to a mirror-like finish.  The engraving on black granite appears white, which stands out against the dark background.  Pet monuments as well as head markers can easily be engraved to include your pet's name, an uplifting message to remember your pet, and also their picture.

    If burial is not an option or against city bylaws, cremation offers pet owners another option.  Decorative urns can be used to store your pet's ashes.  Urns can be made out of almost any material.  A popular choice for pet owners is the wood pet urnWooden pet urns can be ordered to your specifications to store ashes for all different size pets.  Urns come in different wood finishes and grains, and many can have your pet's picture laser-etched onto its side.  A memory box and urn filled with your pet's photo, favorite toys, and even clippings of its fur is a tasteful way to preserve the memory of your pet.  Another type of urn is the cremation marker that is made of granite.  The base is hollowed out to the hold ashes of your beloved pet.
    If you find it too painful to keep your pet's ashes at home, another alternative would be to scatter its ashes in a garden or window box, and then plant flowers in the soil.  This way, your pet will symbolically help provide the foundation for new life.  You can place a cremation marker or other memorial keepsake in the garden to remember your pet.
    By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a large selection of our Pet Memorials that will help ease the pain of the loss of your pet

    © Maryann Piccini 2013
  3. Steel crates are great for puppy training and keeping your pet secure in while you are away from home for a period of time. This also keeps them out of trouble and doing any damage to your home.  It is good to use a crate because most puppies don't like to soil their den. Even afterpuppies are crate trained, they still use their crate as a place to sleep, to feel comfortable and safe or just get away from humans.  

    Remember to think about what the size of your dog will be as an adult.
    You will need to purchase a crate that is large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. The best way to train your puppy is to maintain a schedule for them.  You should keep a schedule similar to yours, like, when you have breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You should take them out often.  It is best not to leave a bowl of water out at all times since it will be hard to keep track of when they are drinking.  Always praise your puppy when they go in the designated area. Refrain from punishing or yelling at them if they have an accident. If you can catch them in the act, just simply scoop them up while they are in the act and carry them outside to their place. Remember, when you are teaching anyone it is best to remain patient and consistent.

    The Travel-Lite Steel Crate is one of the many crates available at Best Pet Kennels for crate training.  It has integrated wheels with a pull handle for ease when moving from room to room and in the car.  It has a unique blow molded plastic base.  In case of puppy accidents they are easy to clean. This allows your pet to be protected from a cold damp floor. Placing your pet in a crate when traveling to and from the vet or when going on vacation, is safe for your pet and you.  Recently, some states have passed a law requiring pets to be restrained or contained in the vehicle. Some crates fold easy for storage like the Travel-Lite Steel Crate. Some other steel crates that also collaspe are the Deco Crate and Fold-Down Crates. The Other Door Steel Crate  features heavy duty blow-mold plastic with steel inserts.  They have built-in wheels and a handle for ease when moving it. Whatever crate you choose for your pet, you are sure to find a variety of steel crates as well as wooden crates at Best Pet Kennels.

    © Maryann Piccini 2012


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