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Classic Ortho Bliss Memory Foam Bed

Classic Ortho Bliss Memory Foam Bed

Classic Ortho Bliss Memory Foam Bed
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High Quality Orthopedic Pet Bed

Ortho-Bliss is the only line of orthopedic dog beds that are tested and certified to NIST and ASTM standards, so you can be rest assured you are providing a quality dog bed to ensure a healthier life.

All of our Ortho-Bliss memory foam dog beds are filled with 100% eco-friendly memory foam clusters and absolutely no fillers or egg crate foam.  Only memory foam "open cell" structure can mold to your pet's body heat and weight, relieving painful pressure points, muscle pain and improving circulation.

Your pet will look happier resting in an high quality Pet Dreams Classic Ortho Bliss memory Foam Bed.  

  • Memory Foam molds to body heat & weight, relieving pressure points & improving circulation
  • Recommended for older dogs, large dogs & arthritic dogs
  • Ortho Bliss memory foam dog beds are clinically proven to provide greater support for your dog than egg crate foam dog beds
  • Filled with 100% eco-friendly memory foam clusters
  • Our exclusive papent pending interior channels keeps the fill in place
  • High quality pet bed is machine washable

A Great Senior Dog Bed

Giving your dog an orthopedic dog bed can ease pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia and old age, which is why they are great for large dogs and senior dogs. In fact, memory foam dog beds are high recommended by veterinarians for their high level of support.

Our Ortho-Bliss Memory Foam Dog Beds are designed to fit all dog crates while the removable cover is machine washable and dryer friendly. Also, sleep better knowing that the bed is environmentally friendly...which means it's as easy on the environment as it is on your wallet.

Why memory foam dog beds? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_foam)

"Memory foam was developed in 1966 by scientists under contract to NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Later it was used in hospital beds for immobile patients prone to pressure sores and gangrene due to decreased blood flow over bony regions. Memory foam mattresses remarkably reduce the occurrence of such painful and life-threatening complications."

Memory Foam Compared to Egg Crate Foam

Our memory foam dog beds are 100% memory foam -many other so-called memory foam beds are made from a thin layer of memory foam glued to cheaper egg foam.  Scientifically proven to support 45% more weight for superior comfort and support, the Pet Dreams memory foam dog beds has unique interior channels to keep memory foam clusters in place, preventing shifting and flattening to guarantee an even, lasting support.  What's more, the bed cover is 100% washable for your convenience.  Additional waterproof and decorative covers are also available.

Ortho-Bliss Memory Foam Compared to the Competition - Eco-Friendly

Our entire line of Orth-Bliss orthopedic memory foam dogs is made of 100% eco-friendly memory foam clusters. Many so called "orthopedic" dog beds contain only a thin layer of memory foam glued to inexpensive materials. Before you invest in a memory foam dog bed, you should know how much you're getting. The purpose is to prevent sore joints by molding to a warm body.

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Size Guide
Size & Weight Dimensions
Small -- 12 - 25 lbs. 24" L x 18" W
Medium -- 26 - 40 lbs. 30" L x 20" W
Large -- 41 - 70 lbs. 36" L x 23" W
X-Large -- 71 - 90 lbs. 42" L X 28" W
XX-Large -- 91 - 110 lbs. 48" L X 36" W
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 4.0
Ortho- BlissI just received my 2 ortho-bliss beds. I was surprised with how condensed they were for shipping but after just a few hours they are the right size. I can't wait to let my 2 Can Corso's use them tomorrow after the recommended 12 hours! Both dogs have hip issues and these beds look very well made. Written by Nicole on Tue 26 Jun 2012 6:14:14 PM GMT
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