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  1. Travelling with a pet can be difficult at times if you do not have the proper carrier for them.  Pet carriers are a must when travelling in a car as it not only provides for a safe road trip but it also prevents injury to your pet while travelling in your vehicle.  The last thing you want is your dog to be sitting in your lap or running around your vehicle while you are driving on the highway.  Not only is this unsafe, it’s against the law. 

    Best Pet Kennels are the pet travelling experts when it comes to safely confining your pet for a safe family trip.  Best Pet Kennels prides itself with a variety of dog and cat crates that are offered in either cloth foldable, for small dogs, for easy storage after use or foldable colorful metal crates that can also be used at home as well as in your vehicle.
    When using the foldable metal crates, make sure your dog or puppy is comfortable during the trip.  Best Pet Kennels also offers pet cushions that fit inside the travelling crate.  Once you reach your destination, just remove the pet cushion and place it in your room for your pet to sleep on.  We carry a variety of specialty cushions for both small and large breed dogs such as orthopedic beds for your older dog to help relieve arthritis discomfort, dog mattresses, regular pet cushions. 
    If you are travelling with your cat, Best Pet Kennels has that covered for you as well with comfortable cat and kitten carriers.  Our cat and kitten carriers are made of durable heavy ‘cat proof’ plastic.  Once you hear the door click you can be assured your cat can not escape. 
    BestPetKennels.com caters to both young and older dogs and cats.  Most dogs, when they get older, have a hard time jumping either onto your bed, couch and even into the back of the car.  Give your older dog some help in navigation with our dog ramps and pet steps.  With easy to manage pet steps and our no slip ramps, your dog will be able to get on the bed or into the back of the car with ease and without injury. 
    Our pet ramps come in a variety of sizes and are either metal telescopic ramp for the right angle for your pet to get into the back of a truck or SUV or they come in durable plastic and wooden no slip steps just tall enough to reach the bed.  We even have colorful and fun covers for the smaller dog steps as well as classic stained wooden dog steps covered in no slip fabric.
    Best Pet Kennels is your one stop shop for any of your pet needs when travelling or staying at home.  When you are in need of a travelling crate that is just the right size for your dog or cat, orthopedic mattresses to aid your older pet with arthritis, we have comfortable bet beds for all sizes of dogs and cats. 
    By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a large selection of pet products to choose from for your pet traveling needs. 

    © Maryann Piccini 2013
  2. Cats require basic needs in life: food, water and shelter. How we interact with our cat can be a factor in how they will behave. That’s why it’s always important to provide your furry friend with top of the line accessories. Having perches, scratching boards, & toys will keep them happy. It will also occupy their curiosity and time. Visit: Cat Perches and PlayWe have searched high and low, just like our kitties, and have come up with the Top 5 Most Accessories for Cats.
    1. Cat Tree Condos provide multiple functions for cats. A variety of Cat Trees with and without Condos featured on Best Pet Kennels is composed of recycled rope paper. They provide a platform, which is great for relaxing and grooming.  Some of them also have a castle on the top of the tree so they can overlook the entire room. The Cat Castles and Perches with and without a Condo are perfect when positioned against a window so your little one can see outside at birds, trees, insects, and the other wonders of life!
    2. Coming in at number two is The Kitty Sill™. This unique accessory is just what are sounds like it is: a windowsill specifically made for kitties. The Kitty Sill is perfect for curious cats as they can gaze outside and make sure they don’t miss a thing! It also includes an orthopedic sleeping surface, washable cover, and one-year warranty. The accessory features Velcro fasteners, so there are no tools needed and the installation process is easy.

    3. Cat Fun Tunnels are also something to look into if your cat likes to play hide and seek. It’s a perfect place for cats to take a quick nap or hide while they’re playing with their human or pet companions.

    4. Cat scratching platforms are also one of the most unique accessories. They provide multiple functions in that they can be used for cats to scratch, instead of messing up your furniture! They also feature platforms that cats can take a quick snooze on or simply use to look out the window again! 
    5. Lastly, are you looking for an accessory for multiple cats? Best Pet Kennels offers the Double Seat Feline Furniture Perch. This stylish accessory features solid wood construction and is easy to build, with build in hidden fasteners. It has large seating areas (20” x 13”). This means the perch can even accommodate different size cats!
    Remember that cats are curious pets.  They will always find something to do.  This is why it is important to provide them with fun products that will occupy their time and playfulness. By visiting Best Pet Kennels, you will find a large selection of cat products to choose from. 

    © Maryann Piccini 2012
  3. It could bedangerous allowing your cat outside on Independence Day.  Your cat could inadvertently get hurt by the fireworks.  It is best to bring your cat inside a couple of days before the holiday.  Try to keep them in the house for a couple of days after the Fourth, also.  The Fourth lasts for a few days and people may be still letting fireworks go off.  Since fireworks are unpredictable, they could go off anywhere: up in the air or in the street.  Your cat could be up in a tree or just crossing the street.  This could put them in danger.  For safety's sake, your cat will only be inside for just a short period of time.  Have plenty of things for your cat to do, like, having a cat climbing tree or a sisal to scratch and some toys.  Be attentative to them.  Some people have a kitty sill so your feline can keep an eye out for things going on inside as well as outside.  They are very curious.  Of course, have a litter box that you keep fresh and clean for you favorite feline.  Enjoy the Fourth safely with you cat!



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