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Wooden Pet Crate

Wooden Pet Crate

Wooden Pet Crate
Chestnut (discontinued) - Mahogany-ExpressoMahogany - Medium Pet CrateEspresso Finish - Medium Pet CrateMahoganyMahoganyMahoganyEspressoDoor openedDoor open inside crateEspresso - Door open into Crate
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A Stylish Design...yet this Pet Crate Table offers a very comfortable area for your pets.

Best Pet Kennels is proud to offer Furniture-Quality, Eco-Friendly Pet Crate Tables designed to match perfectly any décor, while comfortably and safely securing pets.  These pet crates will be any Dog’s "Safe Place" for Life, while offering pet owners a high quality, handcrafted alternative to unsightly wire dog crates.
  • Beautiful Eco-friendly hardwood construction that looks similar to Teak
  • Stained and lacquered finish - just like fine furniture
  • Waterproof Melamine cover MDF floor eliminates absorption of liquids or odors and is easy to clean
  • Versatile swing-through door rotates inside so it is out of the way
  • Non-marking furniture glide feet protect floors
  • Fashionable stainless steel latch secures pets safely
  • Multiple vents provide a 360 degree view and a well-ventilated environment

Constructed of Eco-friendly “Rubberwood”, a durable hardwood that is often compared to Teak, th wooden pet crate is decorative yet functional.  Teak is widely admired for its beauty and durability, and now our pet product offers an inexpensive alternative to teak, while still maintaining its many traits. In addition, they have a stained and lacquered finish, just like fine furniture.  (Find more about Eco-friendly “Para Rubberwood” below.)

Features such as the versatile swing-through door make the Eco-friendly Pet Crate superior to many other crates on the market today.  The door can be fastened shut with a secure, stainless steel latch. In addition, it rotates inside the crate to provide access for pets, while providing the benefit of being out of the way.

The easy-to-clean Melamine covered MDF crate floor is waterproof which eliminates the absorption of liquids and odors, a very important feature for Homes and Pets alike.  The durability of Mortise and Tenon construction adds strength to the dog crate, and also adds to its “charm”. 

With Pets comfort in mind, multiple vents provide a 360-degree view, while providing excellent ventilation.  Easy to use hardware makes assembly of these dog crates quick and effortless! 

Customers will use this adaptable Pet Crate as an End table, an Entertainment stand , or a Nightstand. Designed to accommodate standard-sized crate beds.

Eco-Friendly Rubberwood…The Perfect Choice for Pet Crates
Now considered an “environmentally friendly” wood, Rubberwood is from the Para rubber tree, from the Maple family of woods, cultivated for their natural latex sap, which is used worldwide for rubber-based products.  However, they also yield a high quality hard wood with a tight grain that is used in a wide range of applications.

After Para rubber trees ceases to produce latex, generally in 26-30 years, the planters fell the trees and plant new ones. So, unlike other woods that are cut down for the sole purpose of producing products, Rubberwood is used only after it completes its latex producing cycle and dies. This wood is therefore Eco-friendly in the sense that we are now using what was going to waste. In addition to being beautiful, Rubberwood is also an ecologically sustainable timber, making it popular with people who are concerned about the health of the world's forests.

Consumers can recognize Rubberwood by its density and tight grain. Rubberwood furnishings are very solid, with a smooth and even look which people find quite enjoyable. Often compared to teak, another close-grained tropical wood, Rubberwood is also marketed as Malaysian Oak or White Mahogany.

With a focus on beauty, high quality and durability, we use Rubberwood in the construction of this products.  With the added benefit of being “Eco-friendly”, we choose to use Rubberwood also in our Cat Litter Cabinet.

Doggie Den Cabinet and Wooden Pet Crates Have Been Awarded The 
Please note:  The Pet Crate Table is recommended for indoor use only. 
Specifications for Crate Table
Medium: Exterior Dimensions 21" W x 29.7" D x 24.2" H
Medium: Interior Dimensions 19" W x 28" D x 22" H
Large: Exterior Dimensions 27.2" W x 39.6" D x 27.3" H
Large: Interior Dimensions 24.1" W x 37.0" D x 25" H
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
We love our Pet CratesI am from Canada. I have two dogs, Bella, the Coton du Tulear and Tiki, the Yorkie. Both of them enjoy napping in their own wooden pet crates from Best Pet Kennels. I love the new crates, too. They compliment my furniture and decor. It was a great idea getting them for my "darlings". Written by Valerie on Sun 25 Aug 2013 4:34:24 AM GMT
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