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Silver Tails™ Bamboo Charcoal Bed Toppers - Round

Silver Tails™ Bamboo Charcoal Bed Toppers - Round

Silver Tails™ Bamboo Charcoal Bed Toppers - Round
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Round Topper - With Bamboo Charcoal Insert

The Silver Tails™ brand delivers solution-based products for senior pets that address issues such as alleviating pain and discomfort, lack of mobility, decreased appetite, hygiene, dental care or just plain boredom. 

Bamboo Charcoal is made from Moso Bamboo, also known as “Black Diamond”. It has a high mineral content including potassium, calcium, iron & sodium. When fired at temperatures over 800ºc the structure carbonizes and develops unique properties that deodorize, purify and control humidity. 

Bambo Charcoal reacts with your pet’s body heat producing FAR infrared rays. These rays are known to relieve aches and pains, reduce stress, and speed recovery. Other benefits may include joint relief and improved circulation, energy and flexibility.

  • Heavy-duty stitched handles help lift less mobile pets more comfortably
  • Highly Effective Deodorizer & Dehumidifier
  • Bamboo Charcoal Inner Liner Recharges Naturally When Exposed To Sun.
  • Purifies Your Pet’s Environment
  • Protective waterproof lining keeps cars and furniture dry
  • Removable Hand-washable bamboo charcoal insert recharges in the sun

Small/Medium - 36"L x 36"W x .625"H
Large/Extra Large - 45"L x 45"W x .625"H
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