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Cedar Dog House with Slanted Roof

Cedar Dog House with Slanted Roof

Cedar Dog House with Slanted Roof
SmallMediumLargeSecurity LatchAdjustable Waterproof Plastic FeetInside View: Tongue and Groove Cedar FloorSmall, Medium and LargeLocking Arm
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Slanted Roof Cedar Dog House

Best Pet Kennels is proud to offer beautiful Cedar Dog Houses - Slant Roof Model, using only the finest materials like solid cedar that will endure years of use with very little maintenance. Not only will your pet find great comfort in his or her own domain, Cedar Dog houses are resistant to pests, rot, weather and moisture. Cedar also offers natural insulation properties that keep your outdoor doghouse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 


  • Durable, waterproof structure keeps your pet safe and dry
  • Built with solid Cedar for natural resistance to decay and insects
  • Cedar offers excellent natural insulation properties that keep it cooler in the summer sun and warmer in the winter
  • Includes a Clear Vinyl Flap door for extra protection from the elements & debris
  • Offset door for protection from weather
  • Adjustable waterproof plastic feet give a true level home for your pet
  • Solid tongue and groove cedar floor reduces drafts and keeps pet warmer
  • Raised floor provides air flow under the dog house to resist decay
  • Stainless steel & galvanized screws are used throughout to assure durability and strength
  • Assembly time is 20 minutes on most models
  • Lift-up roof provides easy cleaning
  • All Crown Cedar sloped roof dog houses are attractively pre-stained inside and out with waterproof finish
  • Security Latch holds hinged roof closed in high winds and thunderstorms.

Features not found in other Slanted Roof Dog Houses include:
~  Clear plastic Flap Door at no extra charge ~
~  Tongue and groove cedar floor ~
~  Security latch holds roof securely in high winds ~ 

Offered in three sizes, so you can have a wood dog house for large dogs, for small dogs, or any size in between. The Cedar Sloped Roof Dog House is built with strict quality standards to ensure that each outdoor dog house is manufactured to the satisfaction of every customer. Each is attractively finished in a waterproof Cedar stain.

The offset door opening provides additional protection from the weather and every Crown Cedar dog house includes a clear vinyl flap door that is already installed. It is split in several sections, therefore making it easier for your Pet to enter and exit the dog house, while keeping the weather and dirt out of your dog house. Also, all-terrain, adjustable waterproof plastic feet will give you a true level home for your Pet.

The floor is made from tongue and groove cedar that reduces drafts and keeps pets warmer. Many lesser quality dog houses have floors that are made with wood slats with a gap between each slat. The slat type construction looses a great deal of heat in the winter. Keep your dog warm and safe with a tongue and groove cedar floor found in all Cedar Slanted Roof Dog House.

Pet Mats (Suede Micro Fiber & Synthetic Lambs Wool) available for Cedar Dog Houses with Slanted Roof - go to Pet Beds and Cushions Category

Exterior Small: 33.5"Wx22.8"Dx23"H Interior: 29."Wx18.7"Dx18.0"H
- Small Door Size: 10Wx15"H
Ext. Medium: 41.0"Wx26.0"Dx27.5"H Interior: 37"Wx21.7"Dx22.1"H
- Medium Door Size: 12"Wx18"H
Ext. Large: 45.8"Wx30.0"Dx32.2"H Interior: 41.5"Wx25.6"Dx27.0"H
- Large Door Size: 13"Wx20"H
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