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WonderBubble Premium - with Mesh Riser

WonderBubble Premium - with Mesh Riser

WonderBubble Premium - with Mesh Riser
Create various habitats
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BioBubbble WonderBubble Premium  - Mesh Riser -  The starting point for your imagination.

The WonderBubble Premium is ideal for bettas, dwarf small animals, frogs, newts, butterfly ife-cycle chambers, small animals, terrariums or for growing plants and herbs. The WonderBubble Premium is perfect for hobbies and crafts or to create dioramas for displaying almost anything and so much more. It includes a mesh riser riser for added living space for animals needing an open air environment.  

The easy lock lid can be taken off and risers added to create a multi-layered environment for your animal.  Small animal bungalow decks are available to add layers of entertainment for your dwarf animals. These units make great classroom kits, gifts or simply create your own unique center piece.  the only limit to what this unit can do is left up to the limit of the imagination.  Made of plastic and stainless steel.  Wash with water and soft cloth.

WonderBubble Kit Includes:

  • Dome
  • Matching Cap
  • Base
  • 4.5" Mesh Riser
  • Diameter - 11"
  • Comes in 6 colors
  • Easy slide locking system for attaching top
  • Accessories available for extending unit upward, converting to small animal kit, and adding LED Lighting
Diameter: 11"
Height: 16" - 20.5"

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